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Reactoonz developed by Play’n GO

In the new slot Reactoonz you are welcomed to a parallel universe and shall create energy in the Quantum Jump Charger to Gargantoon so he can go bananas with wilds across the playing field. Does that sound exciting? It is!

Reactoonz takes you out into the universe

Then it was time for an intergalactic grid slot with 7 × 7 designs just released from Play´n Go. The grid structure is a main pattern in the middle with 7 × 7 seats and where aliens drop from the top. Winning symbols gets removed from the game surface, and aliens fill the empty spaces down while new aliens fall from the top.

We like these “grid slots” when more and more winnings can come through new symbols from above. In some way, it gets the mindset of the old honest Tetris game from Russia that was crazy popular for a while. It was about adjusting falling blocks in different patterns that just fell from the top. Mathematician Alekséj Leonídovich Pázhitnov invented the game and then on the Russian terminal computer called Elektronika 60. Later it came to IBM PC and also to Amiga, Atari, Apple II and Commodore 64.

Theme in Reactoonz

The theme of this slot is intergalactic. You play in a playful parallel universe loaded with star energy and random galactic functions. Nicely animated aliens fall into a pattern over the playing surface which is a 7 × 7 block pattern. The gain occurs when at least five symbols are connected horizontally or vertically. The more symbols you get in the pairing, the more you win. It’s a whole bunch of other features, but we’ll take them further down.

Energoonz – Reactoonz’s predecessor

The predecessor to Reactoonz is then Energoonz which is a similar slot and also with alien inspirational symbols. You recognize the sound and layout of this slot, and with the new Reactoonz, you have taken it a step further.

Below you can watch a short movie on Energoonz to see what the predecessor looks like:

Facts for slot nerds

Play´n Go launched Prosperity Palace on October 5 and now they follow up with Reactoonz which was released October 25. You could say that there is a huge stream of exciting new games from Play´n Go right now.


  • 7 reels, the playing surface is a grid pattern of 7 × 7
  • There are no paylines, cluster combinations pay
  • The minimum bet is € 0.20
  • The maximum bet is € 100
  • Coin values: 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.60, 2.00, 3.00, 5.00, 7.00, 10.00, 20.00, 40.00, 50.00, 100.00
  • The maximum profit is 4570.3 x your bet. This slot has a high volatility.
  • RTPis 96.51%.


In this slot there are a lot of symbols and all are nicely made.
Okay, to get a win, you should get five symbols that connect in the grid. There are eight symbols, some are high, some are medium, and some are low.

Varying symbols – wild

At each spin, a low-gain symbol marks as a varied symbol. If such a symbol get included in a winning cluster, it instead leaves two wilds symbols behind it. Everyone knows that it is good because a wild replaces all other symbols in the slot.

Giantoonz symbol – multiplier

If four identical symbols land next to each other in a square formation, they are transformed into just one Giantoonz and become a Multiplier, ie, 2x. Furthermore, if that formation includes in a winning combination, it doubles the winnings of that combination.

How to play the slot?

Yes, this slot is about getting symbols next to each other, which then disappears and is replaced by other symbols that will also form winning combinations, etc.

While playing and receiving winning combinations, the meter is filled up on the top right, called the Quantum Jump Charger, and it also gives energy to Gargantoon down to the right and when a meter gets full Gargantoon goes wild with a quantum jump across the playing field. Let’s explain how this works.

Quantum Jump Charger

When you get wins, the meter fills up with energy in the top right corner. When a meter is full, Gargantoon goes wild in its quantum jump and releases any of the four functions available, which is determined by the gaming engine each time.

If you stop making a profit in any round, the Quantum Jump Charger will clear to zero, and you will have to start over.

The tactic here, or what you want, is always to get winnings so that in one sweep, you fill the whole meter with all five tubes/meters without getting into a spin that does not make a win. If you manage to get all five tubes/meters full, the Gargantoon function is triggered.

When you fill-up a tube/meter, you get some of the functions that are available and that triggers at random.


When Implosion is loaded, it transforms 3-6 symbols on the game surface into wild symbols. When it does, it also destroys the nearby symbols so that new ones replace them.


Here, a single-eyed alien symbol (low-gain symbol) randomly selects on the playing surface. When done, all equal symbols with the one on the grid will replace with other symbols. If there is no such symbol, another symbol activates instead, and the same function repeats.


This feature destroys all one-eyed symbols (low profits) and all their matching symbols. Instead, they are replaced with other symbols and thus create good opportunities for higher profits.


Here, a wild symbol shows in the middle of the grid and then an X is cut right through the playing surface, erasing the symbols that were there and replacing them with a randomly selected symbol.

Gargantoon feature – bonus

When you get fully into the meter’s all five tubes/meters, Gargantoon is released and pulls straight out onto the game lines/playing surface. It is now he goes wild (because then it goes into another universe).

The first thing that happens is that he throws out wild symbols in a 3 × 3 shape at random. Depending on the symbols around, the wins vary. When that win has expired with all the variants and the new symbols that have emerged, the Gargantoon wild symbol changes to 2 × 2 shapes instead and hopefully it results in a new flow of winnings that also expire sooner or later. Then it is time to re-cast the wild symbols into nine wild symbols randomly distributed over the grid.

In addition to this, Gargantoon can also throw between 4-8 wild symbols on the playing surface on spins that do not generate any winnings. We must probably say that once you get to this feature, it feels like it’s worth it. Getting here can be extremely profitable as Gargantoon goes wild all over the grid so you can safely sit and watch as the winnings increase and increase.

What do we think?

Play´n Go has succeeded with this wonderful slot which has lots of fun and unique features. The animations are neat, and the symbols are well made. It’s fun to play and watch things happen on the grid, and with the random features of Quantum Jump, you don’t know which ones come at different times either. In the Reactoonz slot, you constantly try to keep up with the game to see what the winnings are, and it also makes you sit focused. The sound effects are also fun in the game; nice sounds combined to various functions. Sounds can be a little annoying, but we think they are more fun the more you play.

Playing this slot is fun but keep in mind that it is quite challenging to reach the bonus feature. To do this, you need to fill all five meters in the Quantum Jump Charger, and it must be on continuous spins with winnings.

This slot review was published 2019-08-09
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Facts about Reactoonz
Reels 7
Rows 7
Min. bet €02
Max. bet €100
Max. win 457030 coins
Volatility High
RTP 96.51%
Slot features Big symbolsGridSci-fiSpecial featuresSpecial reelsSpecial wildsVideoSlot

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